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Advice for buying property in St Tropez


We’re not going to waste your time here by telling you how beautiful the region or how famous St Tropez is, there are better websites than this one for this. We suggest you read the following in order that your second home dream doesn’t turn out to be your first nightmare !

In the event you decide to purchase after having viewed a property you liked, an appointment is made at the notaire, who will ask 5 to 10% as a deposit after you have signed a « sous-seing » which is a pre-contract. This binds the seller but you are allowed to change your mind within 7 working days without having to give any reason in which case you get your deposit back in full, no questions asked. If you change your mind after this period, you lose your deposit of course.

It takes about 3 months in order to give time to the notaire to check if the property is not mortgaged, has been legally built, etc., while the seller has to provide the notaire with numerous certificates proving the property is free of lead, asbestos and termites.

By now you will have understood how important the notaire is and how well protected the buyer is, this is why we strongly recommend never to pay a deposit on a property other than to a notaire, who is a State-appointed official.

We do not accept deposits for the purchase of a property and our fees are to be settled once the final deed has been signed at the notaire. No final deed, no fee !

We are there to guide you through the whole buying process, making sure you understand what you sign at the notaire, switching water and electricity contracts, and we’re still there to help once you’ve bought through us, you can always call for the slightest problem you may encounter at a later stage. We have many satisfied clients and we tend to consider them as members of our club.

Property prices indicated are in Euros and include our fees but do not include notaire expenses, these depend on the actual price paid but you can count on an average of 7%.

For more information or to arrange an appointment to view any of the properties featured on this website, please contact Corniche Properties in English, French, Dutch, German or Spanish in France on 00-33- or in the UK on 07920 496 583 or e-mail us at, we can take care of hotel reservations if you wish so.

If you didn’t find anything to your taste on this website, then please click on the Contact us button and let us know what you’re looking for. As soon as we find something suitable we’ll let you know. Your details remain strictly confidential and you will not receive any advertising. Where properties in Saint-Tropez are concerned, you can be assured of total confidentiality!