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St Tropez Market Update

How is the St Tropez property market doing since the financial crisis?

Just after the financial crisis, demand for St Tropez properties almost came to a halt. It has steadily picked up ever since.
Before 2008, the market was overheated with people buying any property at any price.
We have come to a much more sound market, where buyers are willing to spend a lot of money but only for the right property in the right location at the right price. Luckily St Tropez property owners have scaled down their price expectations to a more realistic level.
These two factors have boosted St Tropez property sales again.

Which way are property prices in St Tropez going in the near future?

Prices will remain stable in the years to come. Everyone is aware that St Tropez property prices have risen significantly over the last decade. The international buyers have moved prices to a very high level indeed.

The difficulty to get planning permission and the aim of the local councils to protect the environment has the effect of a shortage of properties for sale.

Demand has shifted even more up-market. Consequently, exceptional properties in a good location are still in strong demand, even if they need renovating or re-building.

Is investing in a property in St Tropez an interesting proposition?

Purchasing the right St Tropez property in the right location remains a good medium to long-term investment and one you can enjoy!
Also the aforementioned difficulty to get planning permission, the restriction on available building land, the protection of the environment makes not only St Tropez one of the most beautiful and unspoiled area of the French Riviera but lack of further development can only be beneficial to values of existing properties.

I’m looking to buy a property in St Tropez but I get confused, I often see the same property being offered by different agents at different prices. Why?

Buying a property in France should be quite easy, the French government tends to protect the buyer of a property really well (see Buying Advice where the buying procedure in France is explained in detail). Like everywhere in the world there are very good agents in St Tropez and some that are not so reputable, the economic downturn will most certainly make a natural selection with the better ones remaining.

What can Corniche Properties do for me when there are already so many agents?

Our clients use our services saving them the hassle of contacting every agent in the area. They contact us with their requirements and we work on their behalf in order to find them a suitable property.

We have an extensive network of local contacts as many high-end properties in St Tropez are not officially for sale. We are in direct contact with the owners of most properties we offer for sale. If none of these properties fit your brief, we will at no extra cost contact the best local agents on your behalf, trustworthy professionals we have worked with before and we will exclusively defend your interests.

Is St Tropez not going out of fashion lately?

A lot of places go in and out of fashion, St Tropez is above all that. St Tropez is a place with different faces, you have first of all the village with its narrow streets where very little has changed since Brigitte Bardot discovered what was going to be her permanent address. Then you have the sometimes less tasteful “show-off” side of St Tropez but even during the busiest summer season you can choose to be part of it or not.

I have considered buying a property in St Tropez but what about maintenance?

Our service doesn’t end once you’ve bought a property in St Tropez! We will put you in touch with a few reliable property management companies to choose from. We can also recommend gardeners, swimming pool cleaners and so on...