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Your Benefits

Why should you use our service?
1. To buy the best property within your budget
We will use our local experience and contacts to present you with the best properties available for sale in Saint-Tropez and surrounding area. The most interesting properties are usually not officially on the market, a lot of properties in Saint-Tropez are being sold without anyone knowing it was actually being offered for sale. We make sure youíll be the first one informed using our efficient local networking.
Even though we are investigating the entire local property market for you, you can of course still look for properties yourself as well if you so wish! You may have found an attractive property being advertised or you have been sent details of a property which you would like us to view for you.
You just send us the details through and we will preview the property on your behalf to see if it really fits the description giving our unbiased opinion.
2. To save time
We will scan the entire property market for you making good use of our experience in the local property market: private sellers, notaries, developers, estate agents and our established network of local contacts.
We will personally view each property before presenting it to you and give our honest opinion if it is really worth travelling to the South of France for.
Leave it to us to find you the right property, we will take the time and save yours.
3. To save money
Dealing only with properties in Saint-Tropez and surrounding area for nearly a decade, we have a very good knowledge of the market and property values and a good experience in negotiating asking prices, our service will more than pay for itself!
We will also save you expensive viewing trips for properties that donít fit the sellerís description because we will have viewed it on your behalf making a full report to you by email.
We have already seen that it is common practice in France for the same property being offered by several agents at different prices, we will make sure you are not overpaying the property by checking for the best price.
4. To protect your identity
We are a very small company, you will have only one and the same person as a dedicated property hunter representing you and protecting your interests and your identity.
In almost a decade sourcing exclusive properties in Saint-Tropez for our clients, we are used to respect our clientís privacy.
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