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A Different Approach

We are different!
Looking for a property in the South of France can be quite daunting with hundreds of international and local estate agents offering properties for sale in Saint-Tropez. Some will harass you on the phone and by email, bombarding you with properties that don’t fit your brief or are over your budget, as soon as you contact them.
Even more confusing is the fact that the same property is often listed with several agents and sometimes even at different prices!
1. We are area specific
Whereas most international agents and property hunters are not area or country specific, we specialize in finding your property in Saint-Tropez and surrounding area only; concentrating our efforts on the location we know best.
2. We have a pro-active structure favouring proximity and reactivity
Most international agents and property hunters are part of a large company with many employees. Our small structure gives us the possibility to build a close relationship with our clients. A single person will be at your service and will adapt his working hours to your free time.
3. We know the property we’re talking about
Most international agents and property hunters have just a large database of properties they have never viewed themselves relying purely on the information that has been given to them by the local agent. We take a different approach. Your personal contact will preview every property before he presents it to you to see if it really matches your criteria
You will only be invited to view a property if we sincerely think it ticks ALL the boxes!
4. Our service doesn’t end when you sign the contract
Once you have decided on purchasing a property, we will assist you through the entire purchasing process so that you actually understand what you are signing for. We will set up the essential service contracts for your new property: electricity, gas, water and telephone/internet.
On request, we can be on your side for anything you might need when buying a property such as:
Showing you around the best furniture shops
Introducing you to reliable architects and builders
Taking care of the day-to-day maintenance of your property : garden, swimming pool, cleaning staff
Local administration of your property: dealing with tax offices, filing the official paperwork on time
Overseeing renovation works at your property
Acting as the local contact for the security company
Airport transfers to and from your property
Helping you organize your parties
Welcoming your guests or tenants at your property
Baby sitting
To make a long story short, we will make your foreign property ownership that much easier, leaving you to enjoy your second home to the full.
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